Special Confessions of the ‘Seven Nightmares’ Dreamcatcher, Anniversary Fan Song ‘Full Moon’ Released


As Dreamcatcher celebrates their first anniversary, they have a very special gift prepared for the fans!


The gift that Dreamcatcher had prepared for fans!
Fan song ‘Full Moon’ was released on January 12 at 6PM KST.

With the release of the soundtrack,
There is a highlight MV with the story of ‘Full Moon’!

Highlight MV behind-the-scenes
now open to everyone!


Album I Dreamcatcher Special Digital Single ‘Full Moon’

Special Confessions of the ‘Seven Nightmares’ Dreamcatcher, Anniversary Fan Song ‘Full Moon’ Released

The ‘Seven Nightmares’ unveiled their confessions towards fans through ‘Full Moon’.

Dreamcatcher’s new single ‘Full Moon’ is a soundtrack released to commemorate the first anniversary of meeting the fans of the Seven Nightmares.

On January 13 2017, Dreamcatcher released their debut single [Nightmare] and opened the doors to the fantasy story through “Chase Me”. While expanding the story with a second single [Fall Asleep in the Mirror] and their first mini-album [Prequel], a big question was created as to “How the girls first became a nightmare?”.

‘Full Moon’, a special single released in commemoration of the first anniversary of their debut, is a song that emphasizes on the bass sounds and intense guitar tones of Dreamcatcher. Composers Ollounder and LEEZ, who have worked with Dreamcatcher since their debut, have added significant meaning to the song during its production.

Dreamcatcher’s new single ‘Full Moon’ was made with a heart for the fans, quite different from other songs. Dreamcatcher’s storytelling is unique and melts hearts. In short, it is a breathtaking fan song that showcases Dreamcatcher’s uniqueness.

Dreamcatcher’s footsteps will not stop here. After starting 2018 with ‘Full Moon’, the first domestic concert will be held to announce the successful completion of the first ‘Fly High’ World Tour in the first half of the year. Dreamcatcher will also be back to meet fans with a new ‘Nightmare’ fantasy story.

‘Full Moon’ – The confessions of the Seven Nightmares with deadly charms.

Now it is time to fall into their dreams~


Story I Dreamcatcher ‘Full Moon’ PV Behind-The-Scenes


The girl’s desk

And there is the girl, making a spell for the person the girl likes.
She is preparing a gift.

The girl is looking at the map containing hints for finding that gift.

The girl puts the spell on the person she likes.

Find the gifts one by one and put them in the box.

This is the room of the person the girl likes.

Every time the girl puts a gift in the box…
He starts to get a NIGHTMARE.

As the girl prepares the gifts, the moon is rising

The girl is waiting for the full moon to rise.

And during the night of the full moon…

The gift box is next to his bed.

The girl’s gift was sent like that.
He is getting affected by the spell.



The girl’s mirror is attached to the dressing table.
She can see photos of his eyes while he is asleep.

And to prepare to meet the person she likes,
the girl is picking clothes and decorating herself.

The girl is dressed up in her favourite clothes.

Drinking together with the person she likes,
the girl is preparing evening primrose tea.

And the girl is here
Waiting to catch him with her spell.

Finally, the person the girl was waiting for is here.

The girl had waited for a long time.
That’s how it ends.

Playing the role of the girl in Dreamcatcher’s ‘Full Moon’ video is child actor Lee Jae Eun.
Despite the cold weather, she was really good at acting.

The main characters of the video showed really good chemistry.

Even as they shot each scene separately,
They continuously watch out for each other and give each other support.

They take care of each other in the cold weather,
It really made the filming room feel warm.

And he expressed the details during acting really well,
Trainee Jeong Min Hwan.

The filming continued late into the morning.
It ended well.

After the filming, the signed for each other.
Unfortunately, in the warm atmosphere, the performers had to say farewell in the end!


This isn’t the end!
During the filming, the performers and staff were surprised at some guests who arrived to cheer for them!

The guests were none other than…

With a surprise visit by Dreamcatcher during the filming, Jae Eun’s mood was really good!

Dreamcatcher visited the filming site and gave thanks to the performers and staff who are working hard.

And all together, a group photo!

To all the performers and staff who participated in the filming,
Thank you all once again!


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