Dreamcatcher to meet fans around the world on Tumblr… Alongside world stars

Dreamcatcher will be meeting fans all over the world through an interview with Tumblr.

According to Happy Face Entertainment on January 18, the blog application Tumblr, with many users around the world, will conduct a live interview with Dreamcatcher in February.

Dreamcatcher will also communicate with fans through the live interview. Utilizing Tumblr functions in particular, fans will be able to see stories never before disclosed by Dreamcatcher and their unique individual charms clearly through photo and video content.

Previous Tumblr live interviews with the cast of the movie ‘Avengers’, DJ Khalid, Kaya Scodelario, Britney Spears and David Beckham have been fervently received by fans worldwide.

Meanwhile, despite Dreamcatcher’s busy schedule with their world tour, they’ve recently celebrated their 1st anniversary of their debut with a fan meeting and the release of a special single ‘Full Moon’ to show their appreciation to fans.

As part of their ‘Fly High’ world tour, they will be flying to 7 countries in Europe to hold performances. In March, they will hold a domestic concert to conclude their world tour and prepare their comeback with a ‘Nightmare’ theme.

Prepare yourselves! 7Dreamers have a Tumblr too, so follow us as you prepare to revive your dead accounts!

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