Oct 8th 2020: Dreamcatcher’s appearance.. Korea’s first drive-in performance

“2020 KOREA MUSIC DRIVE 一 IN FESTIVAL” that will be in charge for the performance of Korean pop music this year will begin their ticketing on the 15th.


Hosted by the Korea Management Association, the Korea Entertainment Management Association (referred to as the “KMDF”) and Arirang TV, “KMDF” is a mega concert encompassing all genres of Korean pop music. It is organized to comfort people who are struggling with the long-term Corona 19 and to give a new boost into the sluggish domestic performance market.


In particular, on October 31, the first day of the ‘KMDF’ held around the Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal in Songdo, Incheon, Dreamcatcher was confirmed to appear.


The “KMDF” is a drive-in method for Corona 19 to allow the public to watch the show safely. In addition to paying special attention to the disinfection of the site by making distance between vehicles at the concert place to ensure the safety of visitors, the company is making every effort to make the world aware of the excellence of K-prevention in daily life and to ensure both the sense of realism and safety of the performances.


To make the autumn night colourful, the ticketing for ‘KMDF’ will be open through ticketing links from 8 p.m. on the 15th, and due to the drive-in method, up to four people can enter per car.


Details related to “KMDF” and additional cast members will be released later on the official website and social media, and inquiries can be made to the Secretariat of the Korea Management Association.


[Herald Pop = Reporter Park Seo-yeon]
Translation by 7-Dreamers Adri
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