Oct 5th 2020: Dreamcatcher appears on ‘Idol House’, “our barefeet performance was because the costumes and the shoes were uncomfortable…We could see ourselves flustered”

Dreamcatcher, appearing on ‘Idol House’ shared the behind the scenes story of their barefoot performance.


In the recent shoot for SBS MTV’s ‘Idol House’, Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon said “You know we did a performance barefoot”, going on to say “let’s talk about why we did it”. Dreamcatcher caught the eyes of the public taking their shoes off during a performance of ‘Chase Me’ for ‘The Show’ last year.


Sua said, “It was uncomfortable. We had one-piece dresses and high heels… We were young. We told each other we’d take our shoes off if we felt uncomfortable on stage.” Siyieon laughed, saying “Lots of people liked it. We didn’t know it would spread like that. I watched the video, and I could see how flustered I was.”


Dreamcatcher also talked about other memorable performances. Yoohyeon recollected, “We performed Chase Me while wearing school uniforms. It was prerecorded on the day of the barefoot performance. It was moving to perform Chase Me, our debut track, after all of our growth.”


Their Chase Me talk continued. When the track was played in the studio, Gahyeon said “I asked how I was supposed to do the recording after hearing the guides for the first time,” promting Sua to say “Even the choreography was the toughest of all our songs.” JiU also said “The choreography was so hard to learn. It took 2-3 days just to get the chorus dance down,” while Yoohyeon summarized it all, saying “It was all hard, from start to finish.”


‘Idol House’ is a new idol reality variety show that proclaims to be the temporary idol babysitting place for idol managers who have to leave their idols by themselves for a bit.‘ Dreamcatcher’s appearance will be aired on SBS MTV at 6PM on the 5th, and can also be watched on mobile via the LG U+ Idol Live app.


[Korean Economics TV Digital issue team reporter Yoo Byung-chul]
Translation by 7-Dreamers Hojoon
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