MINX 2nd Anniversary Project

Hello, VitaMINX! We here at MINX DIARY are hoping to celebrate MINX’s second anniversary since debut with a little support project via FanMaum.

To make this possible, we will need YOUR help to get as many hearts as possible! We have set a small-ish goal, considering the size of the fandom. Unless we fail to recieve the amount of support we have to recieve, it will remain as such.
So…how to support? Keep reading!

What is FanMaum?
The VERY FIRST Korean Celeb Supporting App!
Fanmaum is a very new concept which helps overseas fans connect with Korean celebrities. Previously, it was very difficult for overseas fans to participate in supporting project, but Fanmaum is making that a lot easier for us!

How does it work?
1. Save hearts by participating in ads or purchasing them (You need hearts to participate in the projects.)
2. Select any support project for your favorite artist and support with hearts!

1. Download Fanmaum app here. It is only available for Android users.
2. Sign up (Enter MINX DIARY as the recommender)

3. Collect hearts. Go to ‘Save Your Heart’
– Save Free Heart: You can do this my participating in ads.
– Purchase Hearts: Self explanatory.

If you visit Fanmuam 25 days in a row, you will recieve over 800 free hearts. Not hard, is it?

We’re still working on some details for the project, so we’ll let you know when it’s up! For now, start saving your hearts. Let’s make this possible!

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