30 July 2021 Naver: Dreamcatcher ‘BEcause’ Number 1 on Bugs Chart.. Comeback ‘Successful’

July 30 2021 Naver: Dreamcatcher ‘BEcause’ Number 1 on Bugs Chart.. Comeback ‘Successful’

Girl group Dreamcatcher (Jiu, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, Gahyeon) proved the interest of global fans by successfully completing their comeback showcase. 

Dreamcatcher released their special mini-album ‘Summer Holiday’ on the 30th of this month on all major music streaming sites, making a comeback after a 6-month absence. 

On this day, Dreamcatcher held a comeback showcase on Naver VLIVE, opening it with ‘Alldaylong’, a song that JiU partially composed and wrote the lyrics to. They then looked at their concept photos, which were filled with their various charms ranging from dark to refreshing, and praised each other, creating a warm atmosphere. Dreamcatcher captured attention by showcasing the fanchant for the lead track ‘BEcause’ directly after introducing their new album ‘Summer Holiday’. In addition, they showed their friendly and professional side in the Music Video making film they revealed. Dreamcatcher was passionate throughout filming and didn’t show signs of exhaustion despite the heat. 

They then performed ‘BEcause, telling the audience about the visual and dance killing points, multiplying their charm further. In particular, global InSomnias poured out their enthusiastic support and cheers for Dreamcatcher through real-time comments. The VLIVE achieved 10M hearts, making you realise Dreamcatcher’s global popularity 

Among this, positive responses continued for the title track ‘ BEcause’. Not only did “BEcause” enter the Bugs’ real-time chart at number two shortly after its release, the B-tracks of the album also made it onto the chart. As of 8AM KST on the 31st, the title track has topped the chart. It has also very rapidly made it onto Melon’s latest 24Hits, signaling the success of the comeback. 

To note, Dreamcatcher, sang about love for the first time, but did not lose their metal rock sound-based music colour. They gained attention with a music video featuring choreography that integrates the Chinese character ‘Sadness’ and ‘Scissors Dance’, paying homage to the movie ‘Us’. In the Music Video, Dreamcatcher has created a creepy and chilling atmosphere in both the ruined amusement park and gloomy space.

‘Summer Holiday’ is like a special gift of an album prepared for fans by Dreamcatcher, coming between the conclusion of the team’s ‘Dystopia’ series with the previous album, ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’ and the start of a new story. The title track ‘BEcause’ is a song about longing for love and the obsession with it. The melody, which is a combination of pizzicato and vocal melody, creates a cool and occult atmosphere.

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun

Source: NAVER News

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