‘FLY HIGH’ in Europe – Concert Fan Events & Merchandise

Hi everyone!

As you know, Dreamcatcher’s first world tour, ‘Fly High’ in Europe will take place from 14th to 25th of February. If you are attending any of the concerts, do make sure that you are aware of the fan events and merchandise available for purchase at the concerts!


You can follow our partner fanbases from the European countries for the latest updates regarding the concerts at the various locations:


Events organised by fans in the various cities will give you an opportunity to show your love for Dreamcatcher!

  • Scrapbook Letter Event by @taesoofany 
    This project accepts scanned handwritten letters, e-letter, fan arts and other creative works that can fit into a scrapbook; Compiled into a scrapbook and given to each of the members of Dreamcatcher. Ends on 14 Feb!
  • Video Message Event by @XinaHailey
    Xina is an avid dancer and owns a dance cover channel on Youtube. As a fan, she will be attending the London leg of the tour and has collaborated with MMT to organise a video message event for fans! Dreamcatcher will personally be reacting to the fan messages and a reaction video will be posted on Xina’s Youtube channel for all to see! Limited to UK fans only. Due 11 Feb!


Official merchandise will be available for sale at London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris!


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