Dreamcatcher to hold new concert in Seoul, seperate from ‘Mission Stage’

By HappyFace Entertainment

We would like to inform everyone about Dreamcatcher’s first ‘Mission Stage’.

First of all, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all the fans who have shown interest in Dreamcatcher’s ‘Mission Stage’ sales period from 29 January to 8 February.

Dreamcatcher’s ‘Mission Stage’ was jointly organized by Interpark and HappyFace Entertainment to hold Dreamcatcher’s first concert in Korea. The first step was to reach the goal of attracting 1,000 people to purchase concert tickets, but unfortunately the target number of seats could not be reached.

As a result of discussions between Interpark and HappyFace Entertainment, we jointly agreed to hold Dreamcatcher’s first domestic concert in Korea, which will be seperate from the ‘Mission Stage’ initiative, in order to give back to fans who have supported the campaign. The time and location of the concert will be confirmed and announced at a later date.

Even though Dreamcatcher’s ‘Mission Stage’ did not succeed, Interpark and HappyFace Entertainment will continue to prepare new performances, and we promise to do our best to create beautiful memories for fans and Dreamcatcher members.

We would like to thank everyone once again for your love for Dreamcatcher’s ‘Mission Stage’. Please look forward to a better plan and performance.

By Interpark

Thank you for your support for Dreamcatcher’s first ‘Mission Stage’. Please refer below for the campaign results:


Final Achievement Level: Level 0

Number of Final Sales: 474 (Unpaid tickets are not reflected in the final count)

Performance Outcome: N (Automatic cancellation / Refund of purchase)

Rewards Availability: N


Cancellation / Refund will be processed in full by 9 February (Friday) 17:00 KST. No cancellation will be charged.

For supporters who paid via card, the time from the automatic cancellation to the actual refund will depend on your card company.

For supporters who deposited funds, a menu will be available under ‘My Ticket’ for refunds after automatic cancellation happens.


Level 0 ~ 1 Purchase Bonus (Meet & Greet) – No winners

SNS Sharing (I-Points 10,000P)

  1. 김*민 / zero2***
  2. 지*진 / pup***
  3. 홍*연 / skyea***
  4. 서*결 / mirrorman***
  5. 강*영 / rkdwldud8***
  6. 기*신 / khsj6***
  7. 최*진 / ggejej***
  8. 박*진 / soojpar***
  9. 김*희 / tmdgml***
  10. 문*곤 /  vista***


Special discounts and pre-orders for future Dreamcatcher concert will be available to buyers, so please stay tuned for more information.

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