03 Feb 2021 “Filled with tension” Dreamcatcher flips ‘Weekly Idol’ upside down… full of variety sense

The group Dreamcatcher has flipped ‘Weekly Idol’ upside down with their unrivaled tension.

Dreamcatcher revealed their never-before-seen variety sense on February 3rd’s broadcast of MBC Every1 and MBC M’s ‘Weekly Idol’.

As soon as they made their appearance, Dreamcatcher received a present. Since the broadcast date of their ‘Weekly Idol’ appearance and Gahyeon’s birthday overlapped, they prepared a cake for her. After celebrating her birthday, Dreamcatcher revealed their unique nicknames. ‘Daegu Sea of Blood’, ‘Daejeon Hurricane’, ‘Incheon Firefist’, etc. were some of their fun yet unexpected nicknames. Each nickname’s owner, Siyeon, JiU, and Yoohyeon respectively, showed off each of their charms through a powerful introduction and earned much applause from the MCs. They continued to show off their charms as they revealed their new song ‘Odd Eye’. SuA also amazed the MCs by reading difficult tongue twisters at super speed.

Dreamcatcher’s hidden stories were also revealed. About SuA, the members said “She often does a lot of provocation actions. She’s really loud. She can hit the highest notes”. They played the Cleopatra game as an on-the-fly high note battle, and SuA was picked as the winner through her crazy tension. SuA typically flusters her members with her frequent skinship.

Dami revealed a lot of secrets about her members. Dami said, “Handong unnie sometimes sleeps too late and can’t wake up in the morning. When I go to wake her up, she’s hit me before”. Handong was flustered and said she had no idea.

Dreamcatcher also showed off their aegyo that you can only see on ‘Weekly Idol’. SuA sang the “Ottoke Song” first and showed a new type of aegyo with her unique tension. Kwanghee said, “It’s been a long time since Eunhyuk has given anyone a standing ovation”, and Eunhyuk explained with, “She wasn’t embarrassed at all during her performance, it was perfect”. The proclaimed lovely one of the team, Gahyeon, also showed off her charms and Yoohyeon drew attention with her “Ottoke Song” that gave off an R&B vibe. After seeing each of Dreamcatcher’s members sing the aegyo song, Eunhyuk said “The “Ottoke Song” is Dreamcatcher’s for the taking”, and he complimented them by calling them “Ottocatcher”. 

After warming up with a two-times speed version of ‘Odd Eye’, Dreamcatcher started their random play dance. The first time trying it is never easy. JiU blanked out and stood still as soon as the song played, earning the criticism of being called a utility pole. After many twists and turns, Dreamcatcher succeeded their random play dance on their third attempt and received special food from ‘Weekly Idol’.

Lastly, Dreamcatcher said, “We’ve really been wanting to show you all this side of us. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. In the future, we hope to have many more. It was so much fun”.

Source [Reporter Hwang Hyejin]
Translation by 7-Dreamers jiulily
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