30 July 2022 Dreamcatcher Dami Quarantine Release Notice

Hello, this is Dreamcatcher Company.

We are posting this notice to inform you that Dreamcatcher’s Dami has been released from quarantine today, July 30th (Sat).

Since testing positive for COVID-19 on July 24th, Dami has been treated at home in accordance to the government manual.

With her release today, she is now permitted to go about her routine as well as to take part in schedules.

We again apologize for having caused worry for so many people, and express our sincere gratitude towards the fans who gave Dreamcatcher much support.

The company will continue to abide by relevant guidelines and to prioritize the health and safety of the Dreamcatcher members.

Thank you.

Source: Fancafe

Translated by 7-dreamers HojuneTL
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