1 September 2022 “‘The rising worldview hidden gem’ Dreamcatcher, confirmed for October comeback… The 7th mini album after 6 months.”

Dreamcatcher will make a comeback after 6 months… The second album of the “Apocalypse” series.

According to Dreamcatcher Company’s announcement on September 1, Dreamcatcher will release their seventh mini album next month. It is the first time since their second full album “Apocalypse: Save us” released in April.

The album is the second of the “Apocalypse” series, following the previous album’s title track “MAISON”. “Apocalypse: Save Us” was the opening act of the “Apocalypse” trilogy.

Dreamcatcher Company said, “As we delivered the message that we should protect the environment through ‘MAISON’ and our ambition to leap in a better direction in the dark world, we will express a remarkable messages this time too.”

In particular, Dreamcatcher reached their “career high” with their last album. It topped the iTunes Top Album Chart in 20 regions, including the U.S., and topped the iTunes K-pop Album Chart in 8 regions too. It also sold more than 80,000 copies.

They also won the prize on music shows for the first time in 1924 days after their debut with “Maison.” And they also recorded a ticket sales rate of 92 % through “Apocalypse: Save Us in America,” their world tour concert held in eight U.S. cities and Mexico City.

Dreamcatcher grew up through difficulties. They debuted in 2014 as “Minx.” They recruited new members and formed a team again. That’s how Dreamcatcher was born. Dreamcatcher started their career in 2017 and celebrated their fifth anniversary this year.

They have a worldview with a definite theme and are a team that receives more attention abroad than in Korea.

They received favorable reviews for their “Nightmare” series based on fantasy stories and “Dystopia” series based on the theme of “anti-ideality.” They pursue Rock/Metal which is rare for Korean girl groups.

Source: news.naver

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