Dreamcatcher A:SU Comeback Projects & Support

With the announcement of an April comeback, 7 Dreamers has started to work on projects to help with Dreamcatcher’s Digital Points (Bugs Download and Genie Streaming) as well as other projects to support their comeback.

If you would like to support our comeback projects, you can donate any amount to our paypal account.

Please mention if you’d like your funds to go to a specific project (ex. digitals), and use the “private/friends & family” option when donating! If it is sent as a purchase, paypal puts your donation on hold & asks us to verify/justify the purchase. It can also put restrictions on our account.

Please also note our paypal link has changed from previous projects!
Thank you Somnia for your support ❤️

You can find more information on how to support dreamcatcher for their Apocalypse: Save us comeback below:

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