18 Feb 2020 Dreamcatcher’s comeback hints release of ‘Scream’ set in a new world

The girl group Dreamcatcher is set to return with a new world.

On the 18th, their agency Dreamcatcher Company announced “The promotion will start in full with the release of their first studio album ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ at 6 PM.”

As one can guess from the album title, ‘Dystopia’, which means the ‘anti-eutopia’, the album incorporates a world darkened by language scarred with wounds along with a unique Dreamcatcher story.

‘The Tree of Language’, the first installment of ‘Dystopia’, will reveal hints about the vast story Dreamcatcher will tell.

The sharp message Dreamcatcher tries to convey is hidden in the tangled web of association between the mysterious tree, the elderly person, the girl, the mask and the Dreamcatcher members.

The lead track of the new album is ‘Scream’, which was hinted at in the mystery codes. With rock as its basis, the track attempts to incorporate electronica sounds, representing an advance in the group’s genre spectrum. The track was built with the ‘witch hunt’ as a motif, something not limited to the middle ages, but is also going on today.

Dreamcatcher’s new album contains a full 14 tracks, including ‘Scream’, ‘Intro’ and ‘outro’. Not only will it provide a look into Dreamcatcher’s world, it will also be diverse in terms of genre, maximizing the Dreamcatcher charm. Especially meaningful is the inclusion of previous fan songs and the previously released solo track of Siyeon.

“As this album depicts a new world, we did our best to prepare for it. We are confident that it will live up to your expectations,” Dreamcatcher Company said, asking people for “much attention and love for Dreamcatcher’s ‘Dystopia’.”

Dreamcatcher’s first studio album ‘Dystopia : The Tree of Language’ and the music video for its lead track ‘Scream’ are set to be released on 6 pm of the 18th.

[Photo=courtesy of Dreamcatcher Company]

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