31 August 2019 Dreamcatcher Founds Official Fan Club ‘InSomnia’

Dreamcatcher Founds Official Fan Club ‘InSomnia’


[Sports Seoul reporter Hong Seung-hwan]Dreamcatcher founded its official fan club. Dreamcatcher Company announced the founding of the 1st wave of the ‘Official Fan Club InSomnia’ on August 30th through their official SNS channels.

Applications for ‘InSomnia’ 1st wave will be taken through Melon ticket from September 2nd to October 2nd, and are open to all ‘InSomnia’ who love Dreamcatcher.

Members of ‘InSomnia’ 1st wave will be provided with membership cards, official goods, as well as privileges for fan meets, concerts, and other various events. Special content for ‘InSomnia’ 1st wavers is also planned.

Dreamcatcher debutted on January 2017 with the single ‘Nightmare’, opening the door wide open for their unique ‘nightmare story’. ‘InSomnia’, the pet name given to Dreamcatcher fans, is a compound word of ‘In(English)+Somnia(Latin: dreams)’, and reflects the desire for Dreamcatcher and fans to meet even in their dreams, sharing happy times forever.

Dreamcatcher and their fans, known as ‘InSomnia’, have continued making memories for approximately 3 years. They are set to confirm their love for each other with the official fanclub memberships.

Dreamcatcher Company commented “We already look forward to making new memories with InSomnias of the official fanclub. We will do our best to make our time together more enjoyable.”

Dreamcatcher is currently touring in Australia, and will continue to be active all over the globe, with tours in Malaysia and in 7 European countries lined up.


Reporter Hong Seung-hwan

Photo courtesy of | Dreamcatcher Company

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