24 August 2020 Star News: ‘IDOL PICK-NIC’ Ji Seok-jin VS Lee Seung-yoon, Dreamcatcher’s choice of ‘best uncle’? Moon Wan-sik

The 5th episode of ‘Idol Pick-nic’, unveils the last journey of Taean’s travels between the uncles and Dreamcatcher.


Unlike in the last farming experience, Seok-jin’s team (Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami) VS Seung-yoon’s team (JiU, SuA, Gahyeon), the results were even more unpredictable as the members of Dreamcatcher made unexpected choices ahead of the course. Due to this, the desperation to be the chosen uncle has increased. 


In the last recording, Seokjin’s team, featuring ‘Secrecy, luxury, and privacy’, moved to a private beach. At the quiet and peaceful beach prepared by Uncle Seok-jin, member JiU said, “I think I’m going to cry. The contract period is not long and I want to continue to make good music as Dreamcatcher. The members also talk about carrying on together,” she said, expressing her affection for the team.  


She added, “I was usually in charge of being no-jam in the team, so it felt burdensome to appear on entertainment shows, but it was nice to be with the members. I’m glad I was on the show,” she voiced out.


In response, Seok-jin said, “Even when I was in a group, there are friends who find it difficult to appear alone. That’s because unknowingly, we depend on each other.” He encouraged the members and gave advice as a senior in the entertainment industry. In addition, he stated that in order to narrow the generation gap, they didn’t miss out on the fun and participated taking TikTok videos, which is their specialty. 


Lee Seung-yoon was not far behind either. During the ‘Mosy Crab Digging” farming course, he showed leadership by leading the members when they fell on the mudflats. This allowed them to get closer to one another faster. In addition, two travel spots were prepared on the travel course, allowing the members to enjoy the sea and forest. 


Also following the concept of ‘I Will Make You A Princess’, the members were given healthy drinks in the event that they were tired from the heat.  When they arrived at the beach, he walked barefoot on the sandy beach to check if it was safe. He took care of the members carefully, and claimed that he was an escort.


With the appeal of these fierce uncles to the unpredictable choices of the Dreamcatcher members! The outcome of the final choice, which ended the tension, also surprised everyone. 


It will be released at 5 pm on the 24th of August on mobile and IPTV through the U+ Idol Live app. The Life (U+tv #39, Hello Vision #38) will be available on TV at 9:00 pm on the 27th and at 4:25 pm and 8:20 pm on the LG Hellovision regional channel Hello TV 25th.


[Reporter Moon Wan-sik]
Translation by 7-Dreamers Hec
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