Handong’s Youth With You 2 Farewell Letter Transl

Hello everyone, I’m Handong from Show City Times.

My journey with Youth with You 2 has finally come to an end! First and foremost, I’d like to thank my fans for being with me these past 4 months, lending me their support day and night, DongDong really appreciates all that ??? Also many thanks to the staffs who stayed up with us all the time, the scriptwriters and those who wake us up everyday and took care of us ❤️ Thanks for your hard work!

Once again, I realized that I’m kinda slow on the uptake! It’s not until I am sitting comfortably on the sofa at home, with the iQiyi app opened and seeing the QCYN2 banner, that reality truly hits me, that all this has really ended ?

During the interview, the director asked me, “Why did you come to this show?” I answered rather simple-mindedly that I wanted my parents to be able to see me on the TV in China ? This is because every day, my mum spends a lot of time going from app to app just to find traces of me. She’s even faster than me when it comes to getting hold of news and pictures about me! (Aurora’s mum (Nature’s Aurora) and mine can definitely have a good discussion on this) ? On top of that, she has to use a translator to translate most of the stuff. It’s been hard on you, mum ?

The question that I get asked the most for joining this show is, “Did you ever regret it?” To be honest, not even a bit.

Every ordeal has its own purpose, I’ll treat each hardship as a chance to learn, and gain experience from it.

Yet I must say, every day I spend here is full of happiness! The road to success is filled with loneliness but here, I have 108 kind-hearted souls to accompany me. We learn together, encourage each other, talk about stuff and even sneak food to eat together…Cough cough~ In a nutshell, each day is well spent and fruitful as well.

Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to our “Teacher” Xu QCYN2-Xu Xinwen. Thank you for being my guiding light even though I’m a slow learner, and for being our bundle of joy.

I’ll be going first and leaving the rest to you! But I’m positive that there’s nothing you can’t do well on stage, stay confident and just shine ✨ Also to my friends QCYN2-Wei Shuyu and QCYN2-BeeBee Huang, although we’ve just known each other for 6 months, yet it’s as if we have been together for 6 years.

You opened the door for me to explore the possibilities I’m capable of. Dorm Number 11, we’ll be together again someday ❤️

There’s also CaiCai whom I wish we could’ve met earlier, Little Rabbit whom I’ve so much still to talk about with, Xiao Tang who really took care of me all this time, our gentle-hearted leader Little Lu, Zhaoyi, Boss Zhang, Ziyin, QiaoQiao, the whole《Knock Knock》family… I’m not good at expressing myself, but I want to say I really can’t bear to leave you all…

I’m actually a crybaby, but in the show, I rarely cried because I wasn’t able to do something or because the pressure was too much. I’m sure many of you had wondered, “How come Handong is so optimistic? I’ve never seen her cry…” Maybe it’s because I’ve been through a lot and experienced a lot, so much so that I wouldn’t cry when faced with failures, but it only takes a tiny bit of warmth to get me all teary-eyed. These heart-warming moments must have been so precious ❤️

When I couldn’t fall asleep at night, I’d go through each and every one of those messages. It never fails to surprise me that so many of you have gotten to know me, it makes me feel kinda excited even, haha! Thank you for your encouragement, they have made me stronger.

Many of you said that you didn’t get to see me leave, I’d like to apologize for that~ I’ll try my best and work hard so that we may meet again!

Although even a nobody can dream big, I’ll strive to become someone, to become the Handong that you would be proud of.

Producer KUN once said, “Let the stage be your masterpiece.”

Stay true to your original aspirations, only then you can accomplish what you set out to do.


Let’s meet again, on stage ⚡
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