VOTE: MIXNINE Official Voting

Voting Site:
Voting Period: November 13, 2017 thru December 03, 2017

You will have to use a VPN, so download and add the “Hola” extension for Chrome on PC or download the “Hola” app on your mobile device.
On mobile, the app will essentially work as a browser.

1. Once you’ve installed the extension/app, you will access the voting website and click the flame icon up top.

2. You will see this window where you’ll select South Korea from the list of countries. Once you’ve selected it, you will see it like this.

3. The page should refresh and you can now log in.

4. The button on the left will show you all the participating male contestants while the button on the right will show you all the female contestants.

5. Find and click the 4 participating Dreamcatcher members. Then select 5 more people of your choice. You must pick 9 people when voting.

6. Once you’ve made your choices, scroll to the bottom and click the red button.

7. Confirm your vote.

8. Your vote has been received.

NOTE: You won’t have to change the country on the extension/app every time. Once you’ve set a certain website to South Korea, it will load this way every time. You can also use this for Naver TV videos that are not available in your country.

Any questions, please send us a message or join our forum where we can better assist you.

Please take out tutorial with full credits!

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