Tutorials for Supporting Dreamcatcher


Hi! I’ve made a couple of tutorials to make it easier for Dreamcatcher fans to support the girls. I would’ve loved to make a separate support account, I was actually in the process of making it but realized it would’ve been too much work, so if you all don’t mind, tutorials will be found on my own blog, for the mean time.

So far, I’ve posted tutorials on installing the MelOn app on both iOS and Android. (Please note, MelOn requires purchasing streaming passes which are around $10.99 USD, or so.)

You can find them here:
1. Changing your country so you can download the MelOn app
2. Making an account using an e-mail address on the app
(If you’d like to use KakaoTalk to sign up, please follow the Android version of making an account using KakaoTalk, same process.)

1. Setting up your phone to install apk files + downloading the MelOn apk file
2. Making an account using KakaoTalk on the app
(If you don’t have KKT, just follow the iOS version of making an account with an e-mail address, it’s the same process.)

Within the rest of this week, I’ll be posting the Mnet and Show Champion tutorials, as well as tutorials on how to purchase streaming passes on MelOn and streaming the song/album.

MelOn streaming is very important, so if you are able to, please purchase a pass. We will be reblogging the tutorials as they go up. If you are unable to purchase passes, try to participate in voting when the girls are able to be voted for in music shows. (Namely, the ones we can vote in, Show Champion and M! Countdown. We are unsure when The Show will air again, but when it does, we will include it, as well.)

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