[TRANS] SportsDonga – Dreamcatcher’s Special Day with InSomnia

Dreamcatcher had a special day together with InSomnia.

On March 10, Dreamcatched hosted their first domestic solo concert ‘Welcome to the Dream World’ at Mesa Hall in Seoul. The concert is significant because it was the finishing point of their world tour ‘Fly High’ which started last year in Japan, and also where Dreamcatcher announced their official fanclub name ‘InSomnia’.

Dreamcatcher’s first domestic concert was an opportunity to experience closely the group’s fantasy story that gave the K-Pop market a fresh shock. They performed their singles and first mini-album title song live for their fans.

Dreamcatcher also sung their sweet and solemn ballads, which were recorded in each of Dreamcatcher’s single and mini-album, and also peformed various popular cover stages with a fresh and different vibe. They prepared special unit performances such as ‘I’ (Taeyeon) by Yoohyeon and Gahyeon, ‘Trouble Maker’ (Trouble Maker) by JiU and Handong, as well as ‘Move’ (Taemin) by SuA and Dami, before Siyeon finished the performance with her solo cover of ‘Faded’ (Alan Walker). Additionally, fans were pleasantly surprised when Handong and Gahyeon did a short and cute cover of ‘Red Flavour’ by Red Velvet, Dami and Siyeon shedded sexy smiles through a short dance of ‘Gashina’ by Sunmi, while JiU, SuA and Yoohyeon prepared a funny trot dance originally by Celeb Five.

The most popular response from the fans was the announcement of Dreamcatcher’s official fanclub name ‘InSomnia’. ‘InSomnia’ is a combination of ‘In’ and ‘Somnia’, which means ‘Dreams’ in Latin, with the meaning that Dreamcatcher and fans will always together making happy memories in their dreams.

Dreamcatcher said, ‘Thanks to you InSomnia, we are able to be here in this meaningful place. We really thank you sincerely. Dreamcatcher will always remember this day and develop even more so please continue to keeping watcing us in future.’

Dreamcatcher, who just finished their first concert in Korea, is preparing to come back with a new sotry that links to their unique ‘Nightmare’ story.

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