[TRANS] WowTV – ‘Seven Nightmares’ Dreamcatcher gave their first thoughts ahead of their first concert

Dreamcatcher delivered a greeting and gave their thoughts before the start of their first concert <WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD>, held at the Mesa Hall in Shinsegae, Jung-gu, Seoul on March 10. Dreamcatcher said, “We are really looking forward to performing at our first official concert we’ve been waiting for, and we are grateful to everyone who have been supporting us. We were so nervous that our minds went blank for a while. Ever since our debut until now, the members have been working really hard at the thought of all of our fans” as they recalled their heartfelt feelings.

Leader JiU said, “I am ready to enjoy with my fans. I hope everyone will enjoy with me as I do with them and have an exciting time and mood together. Dreamcatcher is practicing hard now, thinking about our fans who have always cheered and believed in us. Please expect special performances from us!”

During this concert, Dreamcatcher will be able to meet fans and show their passionate performances that expresses their unique ‘nightmare’ story. They will also be performing special cover stages, which fans at home and abroad are expecting and excited about.

Dreamcatcher started their first world tour ‘Fly High’ last year in Japan. The seven members then flew to Brazil in South America, followed by a tour of seven European countries.

Dreamcatcher fans from all over Europe are not only presenting ‘Korean Taekchang’ (T/N – When passionate fans sing along together with their favourite band) for Dreamcatcher, but also writing messages on their national flag. They have truly showed passionate love and interest for Dreamcatcher on the other side of the globe.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher’s first concert, <WELCOME TO THE DREAM WORLD> will be held at 7pm at the Mesa Hall, Shinsegae, Jung-gu, Seoul.

Original Source: WowTV

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