[TRANS] Fancafe: 180312 Somdungie!!!!! Happy JiU!!!!!

Somdungie~~~~~ Somsomsomsosososomsomsomsoduuungiiiee~~~~ Somdungiesomdungiesomsomsomsomsomssomniasomnia InSomnia somnia!!!!!!!!!
Kyeo~~~~~~~~ This is great hehehehe
Also everyone, it’s great that we can now call our favourite treasures InSomnia ^0^

Have JiU’s cute and cherished Somdungies eaten?!?!?!?!
Hehehe wah, our concert in Seoul is already over ㅠㅠ
It’s amazing how time passed so quickly… We’re already off the stage after the concert ended.
I’m really proud and I miss it, it really felt like it was the stage of my life! ^^
We hate the thought of saying good bye to you….
It was really fun!!!
And to our Somdungies who sent us wreaths~ I am really thankful ♥
It’s really cute (tears) ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
The phrases on the wreaths too!!! Sense (of humour) is overflowing~
How did we spend our Saturday that that day went by so quickly…
The Somdungies who can’t be there… It’s really a shame… ㅠㅠ Next time we will definitely be with many more of our InSomnias!

InSomnia~~InSomnia~~~~~~~~~Somnia Somnia Somnianianianianiania~~
We finally gave fans a name, and I am really excited that you enjoyed it!! InSomnia is our pride ♥

We’ve made our relationship this precious, let’s be together forever ♥
We can always rely on our strong Somdungies!! I love you ♥

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