[TRANS] Kstyle Interview Vol.2 – The true faces of Dreamcatcher

Vol.2 – “On the sidestreets in Shibuya we captured the true faces of Dreamcatcher! What anime characters do the members look like?”


Setting fire with their rock sound and nightmare concept, this dynamically performing 7 member kpop girls group originally took over the kpop scene.  Dreamcatcher made their debut in Japan with their Japanese 1st Single “What – Japanese ver.-” on 11/21. These girls hold a mysterious image that we tried to break through by having a photo shoot and interview in a relaxed atmosphere on a side street in Shibuya


K-style: Shibuya is a town known for the fashion of the youth.  You all wear such cool clothes when you are on stage but what kind of fashion do you usually like?

YOOHYEON: I have been liking vintage clothes recently.  I am searching for a vintage dress on the internet currently.

HANDONG: Maybe because my hair is brightly colored now but I am liking colorful clothes.  But if it fades back to dark again, I may start liking black clothes (lol).

JIU: While being a polished idol I like wearing simple things that match that image.

SIYEON: For me, I think being comfortable is the best (lol).  So my favorites are all oversized items.

DAMI: I also like being comfortable so my shirts are usually just comfortable and easy to put on.  My pants are usually long pants or jogging/training pants.

SUA: Instead of shiny and showy things, I like a simple, plain tshirt.  I also like suits or uniform-style outfits.

GAHYEON: Unlike everyone else, when it comes to picking my comfort outfits, I go for a printed t-shirt or a dress or something that will give me fluffy sleeves.


K-style: It seems like you have a lot of members that like anime.  What is everyone’s favorite anime and anime character?

SIYEON: I like the main character Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.  Rather than his times when he is kind but I like the times when he is bad (lol).

DAMI: I really like One Piece so I would have to say the main character Luffy is my favorite.

SUA: I like Mama wa Pyopyosaurus ga Osuki.  I watched it a lot as a kid so I think the character Jura is very cute.

JIU: I like Rilakuma.  It’s cute and I just like it.

SIYEON: Don’t you look like him?

JIU: You’re right (lol).  I am also aware that we look alike.

HANDONG: I like Marco from Chibi Marco-chan.  The bowl-style haircut is very cute.

YOOHYEON: It isn’t from Japan but I like Peter Pan a lot.  I always thought he might appear before me one day. As I continued to grow, however, reality opened my eyes…….(lol)


K-style: What anime characters do you think you or one of the other member looks like?

SIYEON: During our promotions for Good Night, with my navy hair, I feel I looked a little bit like Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon when I took off my glasses.  Our company’s staff said it to (lol).

DAMI: I am occasionally told that my personality is similar to Robin from One Piece.  Our way of not saying much and using our silence to observe what our friends do and save them when needed is what I think is similar.

JIU: I am often told by our fans that I look similar to Judy from the movie Zootopia.

GAHYEON: I am told that I look like Peko-chan (the mascot image for the snack brand Milky).

YOOHYEON: Ah! You do, you do.

DAMI:  When I wear bunny ears at fan-sign events, fans say I look like Marshmallow (a popular Korean bunny character).

ALL: Yeah, that’s the best!  You really do!

SUA: I don’t get likened to characters that much.  I get compared to animals such as a fennec fox or cats.

YOOHYEON:  I am also told I look like a dog.  I can’t remember the name of it but it has long hair and is large like a human.


K-style: Dreamcatcher are looked up to and admired by many women but who do you all admire?

GAHYEON: BoA.  She is good at dancing, singing, being an entertainer so there are lots of things I can learn from her that I am studying.  I respect her a lot.

SUA: I also look up to BoA since she inspired me to dream of being a singer.  I also really like Heize.

SIYEON: I like Hyolyn (formerly from Sistar).  She is perfect in every field of entertainment she enters.  She doesn’t fit into one single genre and won’t stop.

HANDONG: I like Taeyeon from Girls Generation.  She looks very cool while she is singing.

DAMI: I also like Girls Generation.  They gave me the dream to become a singer so even now I am a huge fan.

JIU: I like IU.  Whatever I am doing, I always want to listen to her music, it is warm and emotionally wonderful so I really admire her.


K-style: Who is your favorite actor?

SUA: Yesterday, when I turned on the TV, Arashi’s Masaki Aiba was there and I was so happy I couldn’t move away from the screen.  I like all of the members of Arashi. They are funny, fit, I definitely want to meet them sometime.

SIYEON: I like Kate Blanchett.  She is fit, all of her roles are her playing my ideal woman.  She has the image of a woman from today.

GAHYEON: Gang Dong Won.  He is handsome but he is also a good actor and sometimes, when his hometown accent comes out, he is really cute.


K-style: What is your biggest concern right now?

SIYEON: Taking enough vitamins and nutritional supplements.  If I drink those things, I definitely can live (lol). Lactic acid fungus, vitamin D, omega 5.  I take a variety of those 5 a lot. They help with my fatigue but also are good for my aging skin (lol).

GAHYEON: That’s right, if you take care of it from when you are young you can be very healthy…I have a lot for me but first is getting my drivers license!!  I definitely want to get it so I am looking into how to get that a lot. Also, winter is coming soon so I am thinking about getting new winter clothes. Once our activities in Japan end I think we have a day off so I am going to spend that day looking lots of things up.

JIU:  Recently I have been concerned about having enough comfortable clothes and have been looking online for more.

SUA: I am concerned about my bangs(lol).  I don’t like the idea of my bangs separating but even when I hairspray it or straighten it, I always miss something.  I am always touching my bangs.

DAMI: I am concerned with the cold.  I get cold very easily and recently it is getting cold out so I am worried about how I can surpass this coldness (lol).


K-style: Certainly, I see that Dami is the only member wearing a down coat, huh.

DAMI: Yes.  Even before it turns into winter, I prepared lots of warm things to wear for myself (lol).

YOOHYEON: I am concerned with cleaning up.  When it became fall, I suddenly had an urge to start cleaning.  Recently I was doing a huge amount of cleaning in my bedroom. I share a room with SuA-unnie but I only cleaned my side of the room (lol).  I have a lot of clothes so I was able to clearly sort out lots of those.


K-style: If you had some time to go on vacation, what would you want to do?

GAHYEON: I would go to the ocean.  I don’t like swimming in the ocean but I would like to sit in a cafe where I can see it, listening to the sounds of the waves, while drinking a hazelnut latte.

YOOHYEON:  How realistic (lol).  I usually would say the ocean but I think this time I would like to go home and visit my parents.

DAMI: I want to get wrapped up in an electric blanket on my futon and watch a movie.  I want to be able to have that much time to relax.

SIYEON: My home is in Daegu and Suseong lake in that area is a pretty pond-like place.  I want to go there with my family and take in the scenery while drinking a beer.

JIU:  I would also like to go home and relax by drinking a lot of beer and eating delicious foods.


K-style: Do you have a food you know will just make you gain weight but you still eat it because you like it so much?

SUA: I do!  Hamburgers. I could eat a hamburger set every day and never get tired of it.  McDonalds, I love you (lol).

GAHYEON: Chicken.  Bake it or fry it, no matter how you cook it, it is still delicious.  But I don’t like eating samgyetang (T/N: this is a Korean soup with chicken).

JIU: I think Wagyu beef is very delicious.  I want to eat 100 of them (lol).

YOOHYEON:  I like Ichiban’s ramen.  Sometimes when I am in Korea, fans will buy it as take-out for me as a present and I want them to know that I always eat all of it.  Even though I know my face will get all bloated the next day, I like it so much I will still eat it (lol).


K-style: Do you cook often?

YOOHYEON: I only cook ramen (lol).

HANDONG: I make chicken and Pho Ga (Vietnamese dish).  I also really like Japanese sushi. It looks easy but I know that I would gain weight if I knew how to actually do it myself.


K-style: What was it like shooting out on the streets in Japan?

SUA: The town is so pretty that I get a feeling of freedom.  We are in a city but I get the feeling that we are on the fringe of where the surplus is happening and then feeling of being able to go all over the place and hide.

SIYEON: We are near a nursing school and there are children there playing in the garden that were very cute.  Because of that, I got very invigorated by them.

JIU:  Wherever you are in Japan you can feel the kindness of the people, that is very nice.  Even today, while we were walking, I was able to feel some of that impression. To talk of Japan is to talk of a place where lots of kind people exist.


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original source: Kstyle

{author: Abe Yuko; photographer: Asaoka Eisuke}

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