[TRANS] Dreamcatcher held a free live in Santa cosplay! Showed off their Japanese debut single!

[REPORT] Dreamcatcher held a free live in Santa cosplay! Showed off their Japanese debut single!


Formed in January of 2017 with a “nightmare concept”, blending a heavy rock sound with their astonishing visual performances is that 7-member girl group, Dreamcatcher.  They made their Japanese debut and celebrated it with a free live at Tokyo Dome City Rock Garden Stage on November 24th.

The members came onto the stage in black Santa Claus costumes and performed thier Japanese debut song “What – Japanese ver.-” (which was released on November 21st) much to the fans enjoyment.  During the MC, the fans sent the message of “Congratulations on your Japanese debut!” which caused all the members to smile. To show her resolve to make this debut successful, Siyeon said, “We still have a lot to go and I am still very nervous.  We are working hard so our songs can be played in the streets of Japan.”

About their free live, SuA said “Today was a little early but we tried really hard to prepare this performance well for everyone.  We are the Christmas presents for everyone!” Talking about their black Santa Claus outfits, she asked “Do we look like dolls?” which made all of the fans cheer loudly in agreement.

There was a talk corner where the members were asked to confess to a food they like as though it were the person they like.  Yoohyeon, who likes the ramen chain Ichiban Ramen, shouted “Ichiban Ramen! No matter how tired I am, no matter how spicy you are, I love you the way you are!”  Siyeon said “Kiri mochi (a type of chewy rice cake), you are mine forever” in a very cool way.

In their live performance they performed Wonderland for the first time in Japan.  The performance used chairs for the dance and showed off the sexy voices of the members which shocked the audience.  Next they sang the Japanese version of Chase Me.

After the photo session for the press happened, the fans started calling for an encore.  The members performed a sexy dance stage for Camillo Cabella’s song Havana.

Finally, leader JiU said, “How was it, everyone?  Thank you so very much. Dreamcatcher is in your hands, please treat us well!” as her closing comment and then the live ended.


Please don’t take translation without credit

Original source: WWS channel

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