[TRANS] K Station TV “Dreamcatcher: In Paris for their MV”

The comeback is approaching and Dreamcatcher revealed that they were in Paris. Today on their SNS, Dreamcatcher revealed a recent picture. They announced that they were in Paris too shoot their music video and that it was like a dream. 

In the publicized picture, you can see the girls smiling and posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. 

The girls of Dreamcatcher have shot their music video for their title song from their first mini album “Prequel” in Paris. The MV has a fanciful and fairy-like concept, therefore, Paris was were suited for the shooting and the girls hope that this will bring a lot of interest to the MV. 

Regarding the choice of Paris, Happy Face Entertainment comments, “We made the choice to shoot in Paris as it gives a different atmosphere to the title MV of “Prequel” as well as a higher quality. We ask fans to be a little more patient.”

Dreamcatcher returns on July 27th 6 p.m. with their first mini album “Prequel.”


Trans.: 7-dreamers
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