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Signed gift. Rising popularity! New Korean idol group DREAMCATCHER! Dark and cute dream-fairies come to Japan! “We hope our songs give you dreams full of hope”

Debuting in January/2017, DREAMCATCHER is a K-pop girl group with 7 korean girls. They’re rising in popularity because of the unusual metal songs and cool performances. They’re junior to the 4-girl group also popular in Japan, DalShabet.

Even though they just debut, they’re going to Japan for the first time for KCON 2017 Japan and are also taking part in promoting event from 5/22 to 5/29.

DREAMCATCHER was a success! With their stage overflowing with charisma, showing knowledgeable cuteness, the 7 dream-fairies were really charming!

If you want to know the method to go to one of the fansigns, check the last page of the interview.

I: Firstly, introduce yourselves, please!

(All of the introductions were in japanese)

All: Glad to meet you! We’re DREAMCATCHER (applause)

Handong: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s chinese member, Handong.

Gahyeon: Hello, I’m DREAMCATCHER’s youngest, Gahyeon.

Sua: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s main dancer, Sua.

Dami: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s main rapper, Dami.

Siyeon: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s main vocal, Siyeon.

Yoohyeon: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s lead vocal, Yoohyeon.

Jiu: I’m DREAMCATCHER’s leader, Jiu. Thanks for having us! (all members applaud)

I: You guys promoted as DREAMCATCHER for the first time at KCON 2017 JAPAN; was there any kind of impression left?

Jiu: Even though our song is Korean, our Japanese fans sang together with us, that left a impression on me.

Yoohyeon: I was really moved when we were arriving at the airport and there were way more fans than I expected!

Dami: When I saw all the people watching the KCON 2017 JAPAN convention stage i thought “wow the people here are really interested in kpop”.

Sua: I had expectations that the people in Japan would like our music genre as DREAMCATCHER, but people got way more excited than I expected, that made me happy!

Siyeon: A deep impression was left on me by our Chinese fans that came to Japan.

Gahyeon: I was really happy that many fans at the handshake and the fansign events learned Korean to talk to us!

Handong: Coming to Japan for the first time, meeting the Japanese fans, they were really cute and kind, left an impression on me.

I: Could you introduce us to what kind of group DREAMCATCHER is?

Jiu: Firstly, our name DREAMCATCHER is because we want to pass the feeling that we catch all the bad luck of our fans and in exchange we give our good luck. Our concept is “Nightmare”, with a dark and chic image to it.

I: DREAMCATCHER are things that catch dreams (lmao) so is there the meaning of “We’ll realize your dreams”?

(All the girls get surprised)

Jiu: We didn’t think of this meaning but that is lovely!

I: By the way, there are lots of girl groups in south korea, but what charm does DREAMCATCHER have that they don’t?

Siyeon (in japanese) : I think it’s DREAMCATCHER  beautiful dancing.

I: I think the choreography is very intense and has a very high momentum, but isn’t it a problem?

Siyeon (laughs, then, in japanese): It’s fine.

Dami: The choreography itself is very intense and the song beat is strong, so while we dance I tell myself things like “We are so cool” (laugh)

I: The DREAMCATCHER perfomances are chic and cool, but when talking you guys are cute and lovely. Isn’t that a big charm?

Sua: The gap is the charm. (laugh)

Siyeon: Well observed! I’m happy.

I: Thank you very much. What kind of song is your debut title, Chase Me?

Sua: Chase Me is the start of our concept “nightmare”, in which we chase nightmares as seven nightmare hunters. The song has a heavy metal tune and a fast rhythm, when you hear it you get the feeling that you’re playing a game of tag.

*(There was probably an error in translation from the Korean to the Japanese. The concept involves the girls giving 7 different nightmares to a nightmare hunter.)

I: What about GOOD NIGHT?

Yoohyeon: GOOD NIGHT is the song that continues Chase Me, we nightmare hunters chase and expel the nightmares. It’s DREAMCATCHER’s unique young metal song.

*(There was probably an error in translation from the Korean to the Japanese. The concept involves  3 units in separate roles. Sua and Gahyeon were imprisioned by the nightmare hunter, Siyeon and Yoohyeon are runing from the nightmare hunter cult and Dami, Handong and Jiu are trying to save the captured girls.)

I: Continuing the trend in Chase Me, the GOOD NIGHT outfits have a unique look to them, what is their distinguishing point?

Dami: The outfits have chains and rings that emphasize the “powerful” look, that’s the point.

I: What are the point dances in the GOOD NIGHT?

Handong: We have the “Doll Dance” in the begining of the song in which we dance trying to look like dolls and the “Good Night Kiss” that we do at the end of the song in which we throw kisses.

I: What about the running pose, isn’t it impressive as well?

Sua: We call that the “Emergency Exit Dance”. It should ressemble a emergency exit sign. I was glad that we could imitate it.

I: GOOD NIGHT is the continuation of Chase Me, that had a “to be continued” on the end of the music video. What are the highlights to the GOOD NIGHT music video?

Gahyeon: Chase Me introduced us as nightmare hunters, in GOOD NIGHT we’re split in 3 units: the “Pursuing Team”, the “caught team” and the “Help Team”. I think that observing the different units in action is interesting!

I: The music video has a atmosphere similar to a horror film, did something scary happen while shooting it?

Siyeon (in Japanese) : It did happen! Me and Yoohyeon were shooting a escape scene on a mountain (in Korean from now on) that had a tomb on the back of it. We thought that we filmed it properly, but when we checked nothing was on the tape. Then I said to our producers “Everyone, that went very smoothly. This will be a big hit right?”

I: There’s a jinx in Korea that when you’re recording a music video and there’s a power outage it’s because a ghost came, and when that happen the song will become a hit, right?

Siyeon (in Japanese): Yes, exactly. But it was scary.

I: DREAMCATCHER are fairies that wipe the nightmares out of your dreams, what kind of dreams do your fans to dream?

Handong: I’d like to show a dream in where when the fans hear our songs and think about us so they would feel energized and healthy!

Jiu: There are painful times while being alive, but I’d like to show the fans a dream where when they hear our music the get filled with hope.

Yoohyeon: I feel the same, but I’d like to show a dream where the fans dreams come true.

Siyeon: I’d like to, like a DREAMCATCHER, make our fans bad memories disappear.

Dami: I’d show a refreshing dream. We would listen to our songs, sing them together and that would make a refreshing dream, right?

Gahyeon: I usually get myself thinking that “anything is fine” a lot of times. So, I’d like to get rid of this “anything is fine” thoughts and our fans worries.

Sua: A dream in where you meet a celebrity is a good dream, right? Then, I’d like for us in DREAMCATCHER to get famous and that our fans have this kind of dream.

I: Lastly, send a message to your fans in Japan!

Jiu: Today we started our first promotional events in Japan. I was very happy that even though we just debuted here, many people came to support us. After we successfully finish our promotions in Japan we’re thinking of publishing our albums here as well. Please expect great things of it. Thank you, everyone!

Source: KanStarpress

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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