[TRANS] [INTERVIEW] Dreamcatcher’s Wish to the Full Moon? To Receive the Best New Artist Award

Siyeon: “They said this year’s Chuseok is going to be awesome as it is a 10 days long holiday. Upon hearing that, I felt like it was such a shame (that I will be missing out on the holiday) but I’m happy because we are able to be together with our Japanese fans." 


"When I go back home every Chuseok, I always strongly felt like I wanted to do work. I want to work when I see Chuseok’s special featured programs on TV. However, it’s a new feeling because I’m able to even go overseas to work (during Chuseok).”

JiU: “Dreamcatcher has a wish to the full moon on their growth and success.
“To be #1 (on music shows) & receive the Best New Artist Award at the year end’s award show.”

Yoohyeon: “If we are able to have active activities next year, I want to do it. I want to have 5 comebacks next year.”

SuA: “I sincerely hope for us to be healthy, and if given an opportunity for us to grow individually (variety programs etc) , we’ll do it.”

Dami: “Because I personally write lyrics, even if it’s not for our album, I would still want to compose for other artists. So I’ll work very hard.”

Gahyeon: “I would like for us to succeed. It is said that you should make a wish sincerely. I also like for everything to go well. And I would like to improve on my fashion sense as I’m not good with it. Previously, I just wore something comfortable to the practice room and SuA was surprised. The older members help me out a lot so I wish for my fashion sense to improve.”

Handong: “If it’s a holiday, wouldn’t you want to see your family. Because they’re not by my side, I hope they always take good care of their health.”

JiU: “Our world tour is starting. We are starting with Japan, then South America and Europe. Our finale concert will be in Korea. I’m always thankful.”

Trans.: 드캐덕후‏
Source: TV Daily

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