[TRANS] Gahyeon’s Self Introduction

Name: Gahyeon
Birthdate: February 3rd, 1999
Bloodtype: A charming AB
Height: 160cm
Weight: 4? kg
Something I Like: Strawberry milk, chocolate, chicken. Basically just food~~Haha. My unnies!
Something I Don’t Like: Bugs, cucumbers, my uneven double eyelids.
Favorite Subjects: Math, Korean history
Things I Like To Do: YouTube (Watching eating shows, funny videos and dramas.)reading fans’ letters (fancafe.), having a comeback with Dreamcatcher.
Personality: I’m a cute, attentive and bright kid. >_<
Charming Traits: Big eyes (But sometimes my right eyelid is uneven T.T) Eyes you’d fall for. Hahaha.
2017 Goals: Writing a diary and writing prettily ^.^ Succeeding with my diet, reading a book.

Trans: 7-dreamers
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Source: ET News

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