[TRANS] Dreamcatcher’s 2017 Lunar New Year Greetings

Sua: “Next year is the Year of the Dog, but Ji-U and I are dogs (T/N: Probably means, of the year of the dog.) I want to spend this year building memories to spend happy days in the new year. I want to have good memories behind us and have time to enjoy chicken. From the new year’s first moon, we started activities, but we will do activities earnestly  to fill this year tightly.”

Yoohyeon: “We worked hard, showing an awesome performance on stage was the only thing left. This year, I hope everyone doesn’t give up on the dreams they want and try until the end. And please drive safely.”

Dami: “Like our team name, I hope you guys will also catch dreams.”

Handong: “We prepared hard to show a perfect appearance. Please anticipate us a lot.”

Siyeon: “I hope you enjoy a lot of roasted chicken. We will show you various and awesome stages, please always take care of us.”

Gahyeon: “Next year, I hope the dog unnies (referring to what Sua said.) will meet the new year in a good mood. Happy new year”

Ji-U: “Like our team name, I want to grab the bad energy of the people who love us and let them catch good dreams. Please receive good energy
through our music.”

Src.: Sports Seoul
Trans.: 7-dreamers
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