[TRANS] Dreamcatcher Siyeon – Lunar New Year Interview

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Article Title: “Year of the Golden Pig” Dreamcatcher Siyeon, ‘I want to challenge myself for Drama OST·Song Composition·Acting!'(Lunar New Year Interview⑤)

Please greet the fans and the public for New Year and Lunar New Year


“It’s the Lunar New Year~~^^* I was born in the Year of the Pig! We’ll work hard this year to make Dreamcatcher become a hit!!””


What do you feel about the Year of the Golden Pig in 2019?

“I want to show more hard work in the Year of the Golden Pig. I want to achieve happy results through my efforts. I do not think think that efforts will betray you. I want to do my best to make this Year of Golden Pig a happy year!”


What are your goals for this year?

“I want to try out for a drama OST this year. And I want to work hard to present a self-composed song by Siyeon for InSomnias to listen.”


Do you have a new challenge in other areas you would like to try to welcome the new year?

“I want to try acting once. Doing acting and even its OST! I’m already excited. I will work hard everyday to make my dream come true!”


Last year, you promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What with hardly any breaks, can we expect more active promotions this year like last year or more than last year?

“Of course! It’s because Dreamcatcher doesn’t like to rest! We are always working hard to meet fans even in places that can’t be seen by the eyes, let’s meet more often!”


During your busy promotions last year, were there any disappointing points? And compared to last year, what is your resolution or determination to do this year?

“Instead of making some results right away, I felt like I was going up the steps one by one. I always think that if you do it like that, good results will follow. It’s not like there are no lacking points, but I think I can work harder because of it”


After Japanese promotions and World Tour, you’re planned for an Asia Tour this year too, is there anything that is slightly more improved or prepared differently compared last time?

“Wouldn’t it be the new setlist with new songs added or the unit stages? To give you a small hint, I hope you’ll look forward to the birth of a unit that you will not be able to imagine!”


Lastly, Dreamcatcher Dami’s message to all the fans, InSomnia, who are waiting for their comeback,

“Everyone! I promised that I’ll greet you with really great songs, right? This time too, let’s create a lot of good times ! I love you Somnias!”


Dreamcatcher’s JiU, Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong and Gahyeon promoted Full Moon, YOU AND I and What actively last year with hardly any breaks. This year, on the 13th of February, Dreamcatcher will be making a comeback with their fourth mini-album, ‘The End of Nightmare’, which will be the conclusion of their ‘nightmare’ series. After their fourth mini-album promotions, they’ll be embarking on an Asia Tour to closely communicate with their foreign fans, ‘InSomnia’.

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