Dreamcatcher are slowly growing.. proud to be working towards their goals


[TRANS] Dreamcatcher are slowly growing.. proud to be working towards their goals


Whenever you look at girl group Dreamcatcher, it’s always delightful. Time spent together with these girls, whose teamwork, established while being together for a long time, is stronger than any girl group’s, is enjoyable and always meaningful.

They recently released their fourth mini album ‘The End of Nightmare’, which concludes their unique ‘nightmare’ series, and carried out active promotions with the title song ‘PIRI’.

Dreamcatcher showed their girl-crush attractiveness again through the song ‘PIRI’, which leaves an impression with its repeating melody of ear-catching flute and whistle sounds. They displayed their growth once more by rising to rank 6 on the Billboard world album chart.

Of course, since they have been doing a strong concept consistently, there probably are thoughts of wanting to do a different concept, too. But, in this the members agreed unanimously that doing a girl crush concept is an honour to them.

“I think of us getting to do a strong concept as a great honour. I wanted to try such a hard challenge once in my life. If we get the opportunity, of course, I want to try music with dreamlike, sentimental or sad feelings, too, in the future.”(Yoohyeon)

As much as Dreamcatcher wrapped up their ‘Nightmare’ series with this album, endless possibilities for various attempts (at new concepts) open up through the next music they will release.

Specially, Dreamcatcher are departing for Japan on the 11th to hold promotions to celebrate their comeback there after finishing up their activities for ‘PIRI’ in Korea. Soon after, on the 2nd and 4th of May, they plan to hold concerts in Tokyo and Kobe, and then move on to hold concerts for their Asia tour.

Like that, Dreamcatcher are getting closer to their fans step by step with every (promotion) activity.

“We had a comeback with ‘PIRI’ and it feels like since we’ve debuted, we are growing slowly and steadily. I am happy that we are able to fulfill our goal of growth. After our promotions end, we are going on our Asia tour and have a concert in Korea, too. I hope you all come when we have our concert in Korea.”(Jiu)

While stepping forward and (saying) ‘Fighting!’, Dreamcatcher are leaving behind a harmonious atmosphere. We are looking forward to their hot activities in 2019.


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