Dreamcatcher’s Asia Tour, burning the stage with InSomnias from 3 countries

[TRANS] Dreamcatcher’s Asia Tour, burning the stage with InSomnias from 3 countries



Seven Nightmares of Dreamcatcher shared burning stages with their Asian fans.

Dreamcatcher had close interactions with their fans ‘InSomnia’ while hosting their Asia Tour ‘Invitation from Nightmare City’ which started in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 20th, continued through Singapore on the 22th and Manila on the 24th.

Though having 2 world tours previously, Dreamcatcher’s Asia Tour has relatively fewer performances compared to their previous Europe and America tours. As if to compensate for that, their stages were more passionate than ever.

Dreamcatcher made fans go wild with their previous sensational hit songs as well as new songs from their last mini-album ‘The End of Nightmare’ through the blending of girlgroup concept with Metal Rock. The concerts are filled with various cover performances by sub-units and a special stage for local fans.

In particular, it is said that they couldn’t hide their overwhelmed feelings after witnessing the support of local fans during this Asia tour.  Fans also had warm memories through the Asia Tour as they came to see Dreamcatcher at Concert Hall, Airport as well as Hotel Lobby, put up impromptu dance cover performances and exchanged greetings with Dreamcatcher members.

Dreamcatcher’s members shared that “We are very surprised to receive so much love from international fans during the Asia Tour,  and as such we feel that we have to become more responsible. We will do our best to repay InSomnia’s love with better music and performances. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher’s latest Asia Tour ‘Invitation from Nightmare City’ has not ended yet. They will be meeting local fans at Shinhan Card’s Pan Square Live Hall in Mecenapolis, Mapo-gu, Seoul, on the 6th and 7th of April, and will also hold solo concerts in Tokyo and Kobe on the 2nd and 4th of May respectively.

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original source: 한국경제TV

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