[TRANS] Dreamcatcher’s appearance on Immortal Songs… Yet another intense performance.

Dreamcatcher’s appearance on Immortal Songs…
Yet another intense performance.

[Export News Reporter] Girl group Dreamcatcher will perform on the stage of KBS2 TV “Immortal Songs” once again.

According to the representative, on the 18th, Dreamcatcher will participate in the pre-recording for KBS2TV “Immortal Songs” Special Episode – In memory of the late composer Lee Hojun.

Dreamcatcher received positive responses for their appearance on KBS2TV “Immortal Songs – Top 10 Autumn Pop Songs” episode in November last year. That time, they pulled off an impressive re-arrangement of Yoon Sinae “To the DJ” and were recognised as a team for both vocal ability and performance. Within just 4 months, they are invited to perform on “Immortal Songs” again.

The late Lee Hojun debuted as a member of Cho Yong-pil’s group with the song “The Great Birth”. He composed Cho Yong-pil’s most popular hit songs “Friend” and “Wherever you stay”. He is also the hit maker of popular songs such as Firetruck’s “Last night story” and Nami’s “Like an Indian doll”. Hence, this time, it is said that Dreamcatcher had prepared a performance in memory of late composer Lee Hojun. The “Immortal Songs” Episode – In memory of late composer Lee Hojun, that Dreamcatcher participated, is scheduled to be on air on the 6th of April.

Meanwhile, Dreamcatcher is in the mid of promotion for their Japan comeback. Dreamcatcher’s new Japanese single “PIRI” is the Japanese version of the title song from their album “The End of Nightmare” that was released earlier in Korea. Dreamcatcher’s unique Nightmare series blended with the Japanese language has created a new appeal. Dreamcatcher is also scheduled to hold their own concert “Invitation from Nightmare City in Japan” on the 2nd and 4th of May in Tokyo and Kobe.


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