[TRANS] 170908 Gahyeon’s Fancafe Update – I am Dreamcatcher maknae~ayayaya~~~♬

Gahyeonie is here is here~ hehe

Today 8 September is our last Fly High promotions in Music Bank which have ended. 
How much is it the same as our Chase Me debut stage!! It’s amazing and I can’t believe that it’s already our third promotion has already ended~~kekeke
In a time of less than a year, really many memories have been made and I really love and thank our fans. 
Because of everyone (of you fans) we are able to stand on the stage! We are also able to sing~ㅠㅠ
If there isn’t everyone (of you fans), there would be Gahyeon right?? hehe And everyone please do not get hurt, if our precious fans like get hurt, it cannot happen!! (t/n: last few words of this sentence is spoken with aegyo)
I don’t know where I will be able to protect you all hehe

(words in gif 2: watching over you)

kekeke So like this you all always can’t get hurt or be in pain!!
If you all get hurt or be in pain, my heart will really be in painㅠ
Unnie, oppa, dongsaeng and friends, everyone have been cheering for us so your throat must hurt so it would be good if you all are able to recover quickly♡
Really the sound of our fans cheering is like no one well is following bb (thumbs up)
When I’m on stage there is a lot of energy felt so I’m proud~hehe

I hope too that our fans will become people we can be proud of like their energy hehe
But is going to take a lot of effort for you to be that but I’ll watch over you!!^^kekeke
I love you a lot!! In everything you do you must only be happy and I’ll cheer and pray for you~hehehhe
Our promotions may have ended but don’t lose interest in us! 

(words in gif 3: hehe~ where are you going)

Or else scary JiU unnie will come and find you kekekekeke
There would yet be many other days that we will meet again so I’ll find you all in another letter!! So bye~~~~♡ 

Trans. 7-dreamers
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