[TRANS] 170814 Ji-U’s Fancafe Update – Ms. Ji-U has logged in

Ms. Ji-U has logged in
-Wow, it’s Ji-U~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to start with a new color, kekeke
You guys!!! Hello, it’s Ji-U, hehe
Really~ I think it’s been a long time since writing a letter in the fancafe!!!
Right~? During that time, I’ve been only lurking(?) on the cafe, hehe, I look at the letters you write, hehe
Does it seem like I don’t read them ~? Heung, nonsense!!!?!?!?!?! Kekeke
I was reading them well, hehe
Ah, today was Ji-U’s part of You Are The Boss! Did you see it ..? Hahahahahaha
First of all, you will laugh a little, hehehehehehehehehe
I had fun trying it by myself, hehe
Of course it’s my appearance, but was it fun? Fun Ji-U
Did you cringe all over your body?!?! Kekekeke
I showed a video with a different charm appeal like this, so I feel good ^~^ Nununana♪♬ 
It was fun while I was filming it, the writer was so!! funny
And the director did aegyo better than me!! So I was surprised
I hope everyone can become 

다들 연예인 못지않은 끼를!!!!!!!!!!

And when we were filming, they made me very pretty, so I could film well, hehehe
Thank you ^^!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha I don’t know if you’re see this but, hehehe
You guys, I hope a lot of you see You are the Boss, hehe
And these days it rains often, so if you can….don’t go out in the rain ….
No, if you can’t take an umbrella, you can go out in the rain…but if possible…don’t…
My heart hurts ㅠㅠ broken heart ㅠㅠㅠ Heukheuk, do you know what a broken heart is?
My heart is broken? That’s what it means, hehehe
You guys, eat all your meals and spend the day well so you don’t break my heart
Today, I love you a lot~~~~~~~~~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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