[TRANS] 170809 Dami’s Fancafe Post

Hello, this is Dami! 
I frequently come on the fancafe so I have read your letters, but
it’s a long time since I have written one!!! Ha!!
Firstly, recently has been hot and humid.
Everyday feels like a dumpling inside a steamer recently!!
How was yesterday’s The Show special stage????
If you felt scared, then yes, we succeeded. 
Didn’t Gahyeon’s enthusiastic performance stand out?!!?
Let’s give Gahyeon, who has worked hard, claps jjakjjakjjakjjak
Also, aren’t our clothes very pretty?
Reminiscing when wearing uniform and our capes~~~~~

When we wore the uniform my mother wore as a student, the memories felt fresh
And on the way to the stage, we saw the capes and it was so cool
We wore our uniforms to the mini fan meeting and we felt close to our fans
And a few days back we went to a rock festival! 

For sure in the practice room it’s a different feeling, more excitement and fun
Together with the fans we run and shout and
Sprinkle more water and the fire is rising and… it’s really hot, right.. ?
While on the stage, the thoughts of wanting to do a concert pile up quickly
Everyone is really enjoying it well, so I know it since everyone is moving around?!
As expected the ones that know how to play
The fans who couldn’t come, we know that you’re still cheering for us and are enjoying it!

And before today, I was exercising and buying some cosmetics (sometimes they are on sale) and practicing and eating and eating again and drinking kekekekeke
Ah, that’s right. Yesterday, a parcel came. It’s an album.
SNSD sunbaenim albums hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
The poster came too hehehehehehehehehe
hehhehheheheㅜㅜ I saw it and then fell asleep, I’m so happy

Everyone, tomorrow is M! Countdown
No, let’s just do it like that
I will be doing it at Mnet, just let me know
So then, goodbye. 

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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