[TRANS] 170706 Dreamcatcher Japan Twitter Update

(Text on image + Instructions at the top of the form.)
Decipher the mystery codes!!
1. Registration Period: 2017/07/07 midnight thru 2017/07/10 at 10PM. 
2. Registration Method: Fill out the Google Form with the two deciphered codes and contact address.  
3. Announcement of Results: Winners will be contacted privately as of 2017/07/18 at noon. 
4. Event Prizes: A mystery present package. 
5. Number of winners: There’ll be 5 winners from all who decipher both codes right. 

[TRANS] Form that has to be filled out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJ3B3xjhTzvrOt6j2jpNX57qdFl29IfLxKkxsNvhx0p8LAjA/viewform

(Please read each answer and explanation thoroughly before sending it. We’ll remove any entries that don’t concern the event.) 

1. What’s the meaning of the first code?

2. What’s the meaning of the second code?

3. Send a message for Dreamcatcher:
(Write a message you’d like for Dreamcatcher.)

4. Write your mailing address: 
(It’ll be used in case you win the event. Please write it correctly.)

Please refer to the images captioned as #Mystery Code #01 and #02 on Twitter to figure out the codes.

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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