[TRANS] 170624 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update – Hello, hasn’t it been a while~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?

Hello you guys? I’m Yoohyeon who is writing with Gungsuh font.
Today on our V app!!!Ah!!! Are there still people who haven’t seen it?
I won’t say anything. Heoheo. Yes. Because of that!!! Because it’s smart and compact, I’m writing with Gungsuh font.
I hope my wish comes true. Now the company unnie will look at this post. Did you know? (wink)
First of all, kekekeke, there are many people who are curious about what I did during vacation, so
I was happy in Incheon!!! Ah !!! I took a lot of photos to upload but it’s a shame many photos didn’t turn out pretty…heurk… Next time I’ll try to stick to it more ….♥

Anyway, the vacation has ended like this and I’m seeing you guys again, so I’m very, very happy
Thump thump . ah. I’m writing this way with Gungsuh so it’s becoming awkward ㅇㅅㅇ kkyu kekekekeke
What do you guys plan to do for this summer vacation? If you have a great plan, please share it with me
Later when I get another vacation, I’ll try it, keke!!
Ah today’s V App replay isn’t up, kekeke, it was so much fun, honestly
Yoobin’s mission was the hardest . Kekeke I couldn’t do it!! So Dami was quick to notice, kekeke. Anyway, even Dami’s acting gave me goosebumps.
I suddenly have nothing to say, so I’ll end it here. Bye ~~

The following was written in English:

Hey everybody! did you see our Vapp show? it was super fun today !!
so if you didn’t see it yet, you should check out IMMEDIATELY!!
oh and you know while vacation , i was in Incheon Nd had a great time with ma family.
OHH right! these days I’m justsearching for Internet terms for fun! like’ ILY ’
so let me know if you know some, !

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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