[TRANS] 170529 Dami Fancafe Update – Dami has arrived, PanDami

Hello you guys~~~~~
Today PanDami greets you!!! Hehehe
I’ll try to leave you with this letter on our last day in Japan, hehe
We finished our promotions safely!! We didn’t go to many places but our we met a lot of Japanese fans and went to good places!!!!!!! We really ate a lot of delicious food so it was a big deal, kekekekeke
From tomorrow we get to see our domestic fans!!!
It’s my first time not being on the same ground as you guys
So everything was strange, but everything is because of you guys, hehe
Without me did you guys get sick??
I’m going to check?!!?? Yeah??? Is it now?!!!?!
During our departure the concept somehow seemed like going off to school
And when I return, the feeling must be like “returning from school”..!
So today we finish well~~~ Eating midnight snack~~~ Kekeke

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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