[TRANS] 170522 Article – Dreamcatcher KCON Japan Stage Event…Stand tall in ‘Hallyu Sanctity’

[E Daily Star-in Reporter Lee Junghyun] Girl group Dreamcatcher successfully complete their first meeting through the KCON stage.
For the past 4 days, from the 19th to the 21st, Dreamcatcher attended ‘KCON 2017 JAPAN’ at the largest convention center in Japan, the Makuhari Messe Convention Center. They were together at the convention where you can see and enjoy various Korean culture, like K-Culture, K-Beauty, etc.. On the last day, they gave special memories to the K-POP fans by unfolding a unique performance at the pre-show.
As they left, they could realize the high interest the Japanese K-POP fans have in them. Despite being a new group that debuted just 5 months ago, they are attracting local fans to various events and stages and proving the possibility of ‘Hallyu Sanctity’.
It’s been a month since Dreamcatcher released their second single since debut, and when they announced it, they met fans without interruption. A strong metal rock and powerful performance and a fantasy story only belonging to Dreamcatcher have attracted explosive reactions both domestically and overseas due to their distinctive charm distinct from the existing girl groups.
Dreamcatcher’s participation in KCON, thanks to the support of oversea fans, is the first step in having a deeper meaning. Starting with Chiba on the 22nd, Tokyo, Hyogo, Osaka, they will go on to further Japanese promotions expected to spur even more popularity.
Their company Happy Face Entertainment said, “We sincerely thank the Japanese fans who have sent so much interest and love to Dreamcatcher. They will make many memories during the remaining Japanese promotions and return to Korea,” and, “In addition to Japan, as soon as we receive promotional requests in various countries, we will arrange the good opportunity where they will be able to meet you all.”

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