[TRANS] 170503 Siyeon Fancafe Update – Came to write after Sing DJ

You guys, Sing DJ has arrived, keke. Am I still your DJ? You’re not disappointed, are you? Kekekekekeke
This was my first time and also I’m still uncomfortable with my Korean, so I was lacking a little..But I really enjoyed myself, keke
Did you guys also enjoy it?? I wanted to make you guys enjoy the broadcast more than me, but did it become my desire? Keke
If so, applause^^ Say ho~
Ah, but this is one time, and since it was one hour, it was unfortunate..
If I get the opportunity, I want to do it again.. Heeeeng
I hope I become a pro DJ someday >_<
Next time we have our members’ six broadcasts left, so please anticipate a lot, hehe
Everyone will do broadcasts with topics filled with individual personality, keke
I am also anticipating a lot, keke
So I will stop here, hehe
I love you, you guys, dream of me♥

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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