[TRANS] 170430 Twitter Update

You guys, our Singnie find you holding good news, keke
Earlier we made a commitment on V App that if fancafe members goes over 3,000, we will do individual broadcasts!! Do you remember?
Finally!!!!Fi!!na!!ly!! It has happened!! clap clap clap clap clap clap clap (second times because Dreamcatcher has 7 members)
Wow, the news is that I will start it
During this time, I expect to become your one and only radio DJ, hehe
Shall I be called Sing DJ? Kekeke
So I need your help!
Your Siyeon needs you now~
Each and every one of you has a life story, right? If you post it on the notice board, I will carefully look at them and pick some to introduce, hehe
It won’t be just reading them ! I will let you hear my story, if it fits the song at that time, when you suggest songs, it will be a fun time, keke, so please cooperate! I will anticipate them ~
A happy day, an angry day, a sad day, an emotional day, it doesn’t matter, tell them freely ~~~ Singgnie is an open door~~~~
In addition, inside that time I will try to make it the most fun, don’t…anticipate.. Kekekekekeke Let’s have fun! I will anticipate your stories ^^*
See you then, hehe. Go do your stories right now~

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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