[TRANS] 170423 Handong’s Fancafe Update – 

Hello~~~~~Dong Bread Man is here~~~~

(KR) Hai~~~Everyone, what are you up to? It’s been a while ㅋㅋsince we left and I wanted to see youㅎㅎYesterday was really fun~~~^^Caught us for 10 minutes but ㅜㅜ~~ Has everyone been exercising?ㅋㅋ Later on, if there’s this kind of game again, we should surely play together and don’t be sad !! If the weather is good like this, it would be good to go walking together.~ At the fansign, everyone asked how my knee was ~~ Don’t worry ^^ I’m okay~ I can stand it.ㅋㅋ Right now, I’m not an angel, I’m Superman ㅋㅋㅋㅋyeah! I’ll need you all in order to groooow~~ ㅋㅋ Because I ate lots of love~~~~~yeahyeahyeah~~~Next week is midterms.Did everyone study well? ㅋㅋ If there’s something you don’t know, contact me~~I’ll help you~(Pick 3 times ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ)ㅋㅋIt’s a joke, review diligently~~~  Let’s do a ‘fighting’ together!! Lately there’s been a big change in temperature, so pack up your jacket~~

(CH) My big babies, I’m always so thankful to see Dreamcatcher fans increasing, my heart feels really happy. This always shows that our hard work didn’t go to waste. After ending today’s fan signing event, there have been some words that I’ve always wanted to say. What if one day I am able to have a fan sign event in China, what would be good. Hehe, seeing cute fans, it should be fun. ^_^

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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