[TRANS] 170420 SuA’s Fancafe Update – Are you sleeping?

Hello! On a relaxing and comfortable night on which you can sleep
SuA has come to meet you~ Before I go to bed, while listening to IU senior’s “Night Letter”, I was reading our fans’ letters, and when I read them again, I was thinking of you guys, so my current emotions!!
I want to share them with you, so I’m writing a letter!
When you read a letter that was written at night the next day, we can hang out together, kekeke, It seems like I’m not paying attention. I thought the emotions of that moment, honestly
Because I like expressing☺

I hope I can freely express my emotions of appreciation and love to our fans around me! Hehe, and why are our fans’ words so pretty… ㅠㅠ Heukheyk, I always read them before I go to bed, and since I’m very impressed, I fall asleep happily~
It’s because of you guys!! We give good inspiration to each other
I think you’re definitely good people.
Because we’re Dreamcatcher, each happy moment is because of you guys! 
Even though I’m sorry to our fans who always work hard to keep us alive, thank you..
The more it’s that way, the harder we will work to be able to show you a good appearance!
As always, you enable me to be a singer!
I hope your hearts feel the same as ours
No matter how much I say I love you, it’s never enough
My thoughts are to try to pass on my big!!! love
I’m very, very grateful, and to our reliable fans who support us from far away!!! Thank you and I love you, everyone❤❤

Listen to IU senior’s Night Letter and sleep~ While we listen to it together, baby goodnight~!^^

ㅡSuA who is happy every day because of youㅡ

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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