[TRANS] 170220 SuA’s Fancafe Update – Swa is here~

You guys, hello~ Swa is here~
It’s Monday but what are you guys doing? I’m curious!

Before now I was eating lunch and came to write a letter~
Yesterday we did Inkigayo~ SuSiYoo (Swa, Singnie, Tree [Yoohyeon]) came to see a MIYABI X Crossfaith concert!
It was hot, burning hot
I was sitting in my seat but in the standing area they were turning and jump! jump! -ing
It was so much fun,
We saw it and Yoohyeon and I fell down
So it definitely felt crazy, kekekekeke It was really funny and we were smiling
For Singnie, she screamed and is not resting her voice, kekeke
It was Miyavi’s performance, and the stage together with the CrossFaith members ended..b
When Miyavi was on stage, he was very focused
His expression as he played the guitar still won’t leave my mind, keuheu
And when he introduced himself in Korean it was really cute…><
Next time they perform, if I see them again, I hope you guys will also see them! hehe
Hot hot, I totally recommend them
To the people who haven’t seen SuSiYoo’s V App from yesterday, hot hot, I will totally recommend it, kekeke
When I communicate with you guys, I never know that the time is passing
I’ve enjoyed all I wanted, so I’m harnessing the energy and souring, breaking out!!!
Since writing, I feel like it’s become a letter of souring energy
But it’s Monday!!! Today fighting and think enjoyable thoughts!
Think of us a lot so you will enjoy your Monday

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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