[TRANS] 170220 Yoohyeon’s Fancafe Update – Concert Review, a Photo, and a V App Review

Yesterday I went to a concert.
It was a Miyavi and Cross faith concert
I will try to write a review
First…I must summarize
It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was my first rock concert, so honestly I was really worried ㅜㅜ
I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it
But different from my prediction, it was rea~lly rea~lly fun!!!>x<
The first performance was a Cross faith performance
It totally felt crazy and I enjoyed it!!!
We had reserved seats, so we were sitting down, but we couldn’t overcome the feeling
So I ran out with SuA to the standing area and enjoyed it, keke
If you guys have an opportunity to attend a rock concert later, I hope you will try to go!!!!
The people who played the guitar were especially very, very awesome, and they were all very, very awesome
Later if they open another concert I hope we will all be able to enjoy it together. I thought that I want to try that kind of rock stage.
But to be, I have no….band ….Kekekekeke
Suddenly I’m crying…..ㅠ_ㅠ….
And Miyavi’s performance was second.
I understand why so many people call him a guitar genius.
It was a really out★standing gig!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought, I should also watch and learn a lot from those people
I thought that, kekekekekekekekekekekeke hahha!!!!
I think I will really come to love rock music more in the future…
What should I do….hehehehhhehhehehehe!!!
Ah, and you guys
Was our V App yesterday fun?!
It was fun for me, kekekeke
Yesterday really, it seemed like we had a lot of communication!!!!
Kekeke, my heart wanted to read each comment one by one
Comments with your love
You post them very quickly!! Really, kekeke, it was fun
The people who couldn’t see it, I hope you see it again, hehe
This will end here
Ah, and I will throw out a photo for the end
You guys, as usual, I really really …
Love you (heart)

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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