[TRANS] 170213 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update – Hello everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello~~ It’s Yoohyeon!!!!!!
It’s a refreshing morning, you guys!! goood morning everyone!!!!!
When I woke up for school, they were unpleasant mornings…
I didn’t like monday morning when I was in school though kekeke
But to you guys who are working, looking back on being a student…pleasant, heoheo….
With affirmation, kekeke!!!
SO! how is it going today!? Is today …going well!?
Today I watched a video on cooking ramen, but, well….I really want to make my own and eat it!!!1
Today i saw a video which is about making 라면, nd i really really wanted to make by myself
and eat it , buuuut i didn’t
kekekeke so you guys should do that for me
But I didn’t boil my own and couldn’t eat it after all…. but please eat it for me instead, kekekekeke Please leave a comment……
A picture of delicious ramen….
Ah!! We will all try to upload letters onto TO Dreamcatcher mo~~~re often!!!
Isn’t everyone so cute? Kekekekeke
Ah!! Soon I must go practice!!!
We will see you tomorrow!! What color will we wear tomorrow….My guess is brown…?
If so I will wear brown!! Kekekekekekeke
Ahh, I must go!!! Bye!!! Ah, and !!!!
These days it seems I’ve really fallen for band (rock) songs. Please recommend a good song to me!!!
recommend me some rock music !!

*words in italics indicate they were originally written in English

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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