[TRANS] 170202 Yoohyeon Fancafe Update – To Our Pretty Fans

*Hello~ I’m Yoohyeon, who became a daily (beginner) makeup artist today!!
Keke, at the time of the communication during the broadcast, the comments were posted quickly, so I couldn’t read each one diligently.
Later I realized so many people, kekekekekekeke, they were shocked…
I sincerely apologize ㅠ_ㅠ
I won’t do makeup again…..
Huhhuh…but I seriously watched videos on Youtube and studied …. but I didn’t know how to be an expert ㅜㅜ
*Hey!! did you check out our V-live ?
first of all ,i’m sorry about making you guys be shocked haha
I thought I would put make-up well

Um, anyway, today we did our daily live broadcast, and it was more fun than my thoughts or worries.
I noticed the time with 8 people is really passing.
So there were more people than I thought and I think I couldn’t communicate as much as I thought, so it’s a shame.
So when a lot of people subscrive to our v-live channel!!!
If I can get an hour long solo broadcast !!!!!!
I will communicate for one hour
I will try to be able to read each of the comments!!Haha!!! Please don’t be so sorry!
Ah, and tomorrow is Friday! It’s Music Bank!
You’ll be tired if you come to see us ㅜㅜEven so, thank you to the people who always come to see us!!1
And our fans who cannot come because they’re far away, I always receive your support from far away, so I gain strength.
Don’t worry!! ^-^ Thank you always
*And also thanks to our foreign fans
So see you tomorrow!! On the live broadcast, on TV!! And on the fancafe!!! Bye!!!

*was originally written in English

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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