[TRANS] 170129 Handong Fancafe Update – “Happy New Year~~It’s DongDong~~”


Hello ~~Hap~py new year~~
I missed you guys. What did you do for the New Year? Did you eat a lot of delicious things? Kekekeke, this time I couldn’t go home, but I am with the fans and the members, so I am warm~~ Today we did Yut Nori, it was fun~~~See you next tim~~~~I love you~~


Everyone, happy lunar new year~ haha what did everyone do in the new year? Did you all play with firecrackers? Or did you all eat warm dumplings with your family while watching the spring night? Haha when i was younger, the thing I liked to do the most during Chinese new year was to help out at grandma’s house, thinking about it, I’m very fortunate. This year, even though I am unable to go back home, but i am very fortunate to have the company of my fans and members~ In the new year, I will work even harder to let everyone see a better side of me. Thank you everyone for looking at me prettily hehe.

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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