Oct 4th 2020: Dreamcatcher’s SuA & Siyeon, ‘New Pang’ Appearance.. Pajama Performance with Explosive Passion

SuA and Siyeon of ‘Dreamcatcaher’ whom recently leaving a strong impression with their Mini Album ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’’s Title Track ‘BOCA’, will visit <KakaoTV Morning>’s ‘New Pang’, delivering hot news early in the morning. As guests on “KakaoTV Morning – New Pang” which will be aired on the upcoming Monday, 5th of this month, at 7am, they plan to deliver energy with brighter and more cheerful smiles than ever before on Monday morning after the Chuseok holiday.

‘New Pang’, a segment of the nation’s first digital morning show, “KakaoTV Morning”, is a show with a news “delivery” concept that delivers news to viewers who are still on their bed, at 7am on every Monday, with host Kim Gu-ra, comedian Lee Jin-ho and Golden Child’s Jangjun, sharing fun with current affairs quizzes. The show is gaining their popularity as a must-see entertainment show as it is providing information in an interesting way to young people of this generation who do not have time to watch the news everyday as they are either on their way to school or work in the morning.

Dreamcatcher’s SuA and Siyeon who are making their appearance on ‘New Pang’ which will be aired on upcoming Monday(5th) of this month, are gaining their popularity with their dreamy-like powerful performance. Unlike the on-stage image of Dreamcatcher, SuA and Siyeon are making others laugh by giving off their wild charm to the fullest. Especially on ‘New Pang’, “Pajama-look New Song Delivery” is a must course for appearing idols, and the two will present their title track ‘BOCA’ in a pajama version of the song that has never seen anywhere, making the fans excited to look forward to it.

The theme of “New Pang,” which will be released on the 5th, will be “Phishing,” while Dreamcatcher’s new song “BOCA” is drawing more attention with a message that contains a strong remark for malicious comments, and SuA and Siyeon will show off their extraordinary passion in solving current affairs quizzes. They plan to give people big laughs by performing brilliantly with their unstoppable spontaneous action, enough to make the host Kim Gu-ra feel embarrassed. It is said that Kim Gu-ra, who shook his head at Jangjun’s strange appearance, was amazed by SuA and Siyeon’s performance, saying, “Many crazy-idols are born in New Pang,” which causes curiosity to grow more and more.

“KakaoTV Morning” which consists of different concepts and hosts every Monday to Friday, is a concept of “waking up South Korea’s morning” and plans to turn busy modern people’s morning into “a pleasant daily life to look forward to” through content planning that is completely different from traditional morning broadcasts. Every Monday to Friday, it consists of sections with different concepts, and different charming talkers such as Kim Gu-ra, Kim Yi-na, Noh Hong-chul, BewhY and Yoo Hee-yeol, etc. will host the show on a daily basis. For convenience of watching on mobile, the show’s format is vertical and they produce about 10 minutes of content each episode. The show is gaining popularity by providing short and intense fun and laughter during busy morning hours such as on the way to work or school.


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