06 Oct 2020 Enews “Dreamcatcher’s JIU takes 1st place in poll for ‘the idol who fits Disney OSTs best'”

Dreamcatcher’s JiU came in at 1st place in a poll to decide the idol who fits Disney OSTs the best.



Starting on September 7, the fan-participation mobile idol app IDOLCHAMP ran a poll titled ‘Which idol fits perfectly in Disney OSTs?’ for approximately 2 weeks.

From ‘Frozen, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘Lion King’, with a catalogue that encompasses many topics and genres, Disney films always excite the public. While the storylines and direction in their films are great, the OST is the first element one thinks of when they hear the name ‘Disney’. From Lion King’s ‘Hakuna Matata’, a song you find yourself humming the melody of without even realizing it, to ‘Let it Go’, which ushered in the ‘Frozen’ craze, and ‘A Whole New World’ of Aladdin which could be heard on virtually every street, many Disney musical tracks have garnered much popularity throughout the years. Many idols have sung Disney tracks. Among those idols who boast pure voices, the one the global K-Pop fans thought fits Disney OSTs the best was none other than Dreamcatcher’s JiU. In a poll where approximately 180,000 votes were cast, JiU took first place with 35.56% of the total votes.

JiU, the winner of this poll, is the leader of the group Dreamcatcher, a group that is emerging as a global group with their unique concepts. Featuring a mysterious and dreamlike image, Dreamcatcher has received positive attention not only domestically but overseas as well with their concept and genre, so different from previous girl groups. The vocal and dancing prowess of each member is also well known among fans. Beginning with their debut album <Nightmare>, to Deja Vu, a hit song from last year, and their most recent 5th mini album released in August, they have gotten much love from K-Pop fans with their uniquely Dreamcatcher music.

JiU, the leader of the team, holds the positions of sub vocal and lead dancer. However, her talents make her position seem irrelevant. She is skilled in facial acting and in dancing, as can be seen in her crisp dance moves. She also hits her notes cleanly, giving consistent live performances and charming fans with her unique voice. JiU’s unique voice and her stable, jazzy tonality immediately reminds one of Disney OSTs. As such, her winning this poll was perhaps an obvious conclusion. As one watches her iron-heartedly fill the role of leader and the eldest within the team with her vivacious and resilient personality, it is not difficult to see her as a Disney character. It is exciting to imagine her singing Disney OSTs with Disney characters.

After JiU, Day6’s Wonpil took 2nd place, followed by Nu’est’s Minhyun and EXO’s Baekhyun. The results of the poll can be seen at the global Korean wave community Kstarlive and in the IDOLCHAMP app.

In addition, IDOLCHAMP is running another poll until October 13th under the title of ‘Which idol coming back in October did you feel most excited for?’ The candidates include NCT2020, TXT, Blackpink, LOONA, and Twice among others. The winner will be advertised in kstarlive and on iMBC entertainment news as well as on the online news platforms of small and medium sized media outlets across the United States.

iMBC Kim Kyung-hee | Photo courtesy of MBC Everyone


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